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Il soldato di ventura

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1976 February, 19
95 minutes
Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / History
$ 10 000 000

Medieval soldier of fortune Ettore is travelling through Europe with his partners looking for fight where they can earn some money. When they come across a Spanish castle under siege by the French army, Ettore first bides his time to determine which side is the winning one (and thus more likely to pay his fee). This is as first the French, but the treatment he receives from them is unpleasant enough to make him change his mind and turn to the Spanish side. Somehow, Ettore must rally the weakened Spanish troops to battle their enemy long enough for reinforcements to arrive. - IMDb

Buddy Svinger Sværdet (video box title) Denmark
Cei 13 din Barletta (informal alternative title) Romania
Cu foamea-n gât Romania
La grande Bagarre France
De Grote strijd Netherlands
Hector, der Ritter ohne Furcht und Tadel West Germany
Hector, Ritter ohne Furcht und Tadel East Germany
Järnnäven Finland
Med dynamitt i nevene! Norway
O Soldado Aventureiro Portugal
Os 13 Que Eram 5 Brazil
Rautakoura Finland
Den runde ridder svinger sværdet Denmark
Soldado de fortuna Colombia
El Soldado de fortuna Spain
Il soldato di ventura Ecuador
Il soldato di ventura Italy
Soldier of Fortune  
Superlegionärerna slår till Sweden
Velika zmesnjava Slovenia
Żołnierz najemny Poland
A Zsoldoskatona Hungary
Ο γίγας της σφαλιάρας Greece
Ο Μπουλντόζας της σφαλιάρας Greece
Ο στρατιώτης συμφορά Greece
Наемният войник Bulgaria
Солдаты удачи Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Antonio Orlando [15]