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Ya znayu tvoi sekrety (mini)

I Know Your Secrets (United Kingdom)

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Nina is a brilliant expert on physiognomy, she can unfailingly detect lies. One day she finds a passport of some man with a phone number enclosed in it. Nina calls that number and meets a woman who promises to deliver the passport to her husband and gives Nina a decent reward. But looking in her face Nina understands that that she lies. Since then, Nina's life changes abruptly: mysterious attackers are chasing her. She goes to police - in vain, because the investigator Skvortsov thinks that her story was born in her sick imagination. But when the criminals kill Nina's ex-fiance and kidnap her mother, Skvortsov becomes her major ally and protector. But not only Nina is in danger: the main goal of the bandits - the murder of the president of the state company "RosNanoIndustry". And no one except the heroine can prevent the crime. - IMDb

I Know Your Secrets United Kingdom
I Know Your Secrets USA
I Know Your Secrets  
Я знаю твои секреты Russia

Children's Cast:

Dmitriy Vyatkin [11] Max
Andrey Titchenko [9] Yevgeniy
Andrey Titchenko [10]