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Santa's Castle (TV)

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2018 August, 19
74 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Production Company:

L. Frank Baum is attempting to write a new story. Before he has written more than his name, he is interrupted by his youngest son, Kenneth, and their dog, Dorothy. Persuaded to write about Santa Claus by Kenneth, and with the support of his butler, he spins a yarn about a "Santanapping" preventing Santa Claus from performing his annual duties and the ambition of the young ryl, Whisk, to assist in Santa Claus's rides, who, with Kilter the pixie and Nutter the knook, has to do just that, according to Santa Claus's emergency orders. - IMDb

Christmas Castle (new title)  
Santa's Castle Canada

Children's Cast:

Evan O'Donnell Kenneth Gage Baum