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Ya pratsyuyu na tsvyntari

I Work at the Cemetery (Australia)

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2021 June, 1
Production Company:
$ 950 000

You're 35, you're lonely, you have a difficult character, a tragic mystery in the past, and a daring teenage daughter in the present. You want to escape from life and find a quiet place in the cemetery, selling monuments to relatives of the deceased and hoping that there is certainly no one will disturb you. But life and those who truly love you, have other plans. After all, even in the cemetery life goes on and you find yourself surrounded by quite a living people-philosophically minded colleagues, eccentric customers, real bandits and just crazy. Yeah, and don't forget the almost grown-up daughter who needs a father. - IMDb

Александр имеет свою контору по изготовлению памятников. К нему обращаются за помощью по поводу тяжелой жизненной ситуации - смерти близкого человека. Так или иначе, кладбище проникает в жизнь главного героя и препятствует его счастливой жизни.

I Work at the Cemetery Australia
I Work at the Cemetery Canada
I Work at the Cemetery United Kingdom
I Work at the Cemetery India
I Work at the Cemetery USA
I Work at the Cemetery  
Je travaille au cimetière France
Pracuję na cmentarzu Poland
Ya pratsyuyu na tsvyntari Canada
Я працюю на цвинтарі Ukraine
Я работаю на кладбище Russia

Children's Cast:

Demyan Shiyan [13] Sasha's son
Anna Ivanova [16] Alisa
Marharyta Lapina fussy daughter