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Neutral Man

My Rating: /10
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2009 April, 4
Short / Comedy
Production Company:
$ 5 000

For years, Neutral Man has watched over the city of Leftside as its protector. Neutral Man, however, is different from most superheroes, instead of fighting for good, he simply fights for Neutralness. It is Neutral Man's duty to protect the balance of Neutralness in Leftside, never becoming too good or to evil. Things are going fine for Neutral Man, until he begins to realize that he has lost favor with the people of the city. Neutral Man can no longer find the inspiration that he once had for Neutralness, and so decides to retire. While Neutral Man is in retirement, a villain greater than any he has fought before begins a crime spree all across the city. In order to stop this new villain, Neutral Man must first find the inspiration to fight again. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jonathan Pal [16] Boy With Yogurt