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My Step Kidz (TV series)

My Step Kidz (USA)

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2015 March, 1
30 minutes
Comedy / Family
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We have come to a time in life were step parents are involved a lot in raising kids all over the world. People fight temptations every day with stepping in as new parents introduced to a spouses children, and they struggle to fit in. What makes that task the hardest of all, is the children's rebelling attitude toward the step father or step mother, to a degree. Mike is a young man that has found a new love of his life and wants to make things serious to the fact of moving his girlfriend into to his home. A mother and her daughter that has and still is dealing with the lost of the children's father 3 or 4 years earlier. The girl started out by rebelling when she discover that her mother (Jackie) is planning to marry Mike. So she began terrorizing Mike to a degree that makes "Home Alone" seem like a cake walk, to the pranks she had in store for Mike, who fight's hard to still make it work, despite being laid off and can't ever keep a job. Besides Mikes job situation they get married and move to the suburb's out side of Detroit. The daughter Mattie start's to relax and become closer to Mike and as time goes on, the adoption of her little Asian sister (Robby), she now has somebody to take her mind off things. Along the way he takes advice from different people that has been down that road, like his girlfriends step father who is in a interracial marriage with Jackie's mother, who are madly in love. Jim who is dealing with a deranged wife and 5 kids who now doesn't ever show up to anything planned. Ron who is a cool laid back ladies man. Will who is a stone drunk, who passes out everywhere they go. Jackie turns to her two close friends Roxy and Stacey. Stacey is a sharp lonely female that has a weakness for the same old men. Roxy is a plump woman who is looking for a man, and is always the humor of the party. Through this all Mike and Jackie try to make everything work, they deal with everyday family problems the best way they know how. Jackie being a real caring mother with a sense of humor. Mike is just trying to keep a job, deal with everyone around, kind of like a can't get right guy some things and his trying figure out how Ron's little son keep's ending up in his house Life values and love is what this show gives you, a family moving up in the world, but still being pulled back. But Mike Johnson and his family are different and normal all in one. - IMDb

My Step Kidz USA

Children's Cast:

Janellyn Woo Robby Johnson