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Trail of Robin Hood

Trail of Robin Hood (United Kingdom)

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1950 December, 15
67 minutes
Musical / Western
Production Company:


J. C. Aldridge is out to corner the Christman tree market and has bought out all of his competitors except retired movie star Jack Holt. Unknown to Aldridge his foreman has his men sabotaging Holt's operation so he will be able to sell trees at at a high price and then flee with the money double-crossing his boss. When there is a murder Aldridge arrives to investigate and, unknown to his men, takes a job as a tree cutter. Meanwhile, Roy is fighting to help Holt get his trees to market. - IMDb

Cowboys em Desfile Brazil
Roy Rogers greier brasene Norway
El Sendero de Robin Hood Chile
Trail of Robin Hood Canada
Trail of Robin Hood United Kingdom
Trail of Robin Hood USA

Children's Cast:

Carol Nugent [13] Sis McGonigle