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The Star Reporter in Hollywood

Paramount Headliner: The Star Reporter in Hollywood (USA: series title)
The Star Reporter in Hollywood (USA)

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1936 November, 5
10 minutes
Short / Music
Production Company:
$ 8 000

In this entry to the Hollywood Star Reporter series (reporting only on stars with Paramount contracts or connections at the time), Ted Husing drops in on Bennie Bartlett and is surprised to find the 9-year-old kid can play the trumpet and is a songwriter but the song Bartlett sings - "The Old Fashioned Mill" - was not written by him; and then, Husing turns his attention to Dorothy Lamour's screen test and shows why Paramount cast her in the title role of the recently-released "Jungle Princess." Dorthy sings "Love Is Like a Cigarette." Husing then spends about two-and-a-half minutes watching a novelty-music entertainer named Joie Rardin, with Ben Bernie's Band, do some novelty-music entertaining. This segment of this short was edited from the television version, which is why the film version runs ten minutes and the television version (available for viewing on YouTube) only runs seven minutes and forty-nine seconds. And for a wind-up, Husing watches Vera Marshe and Louis Da Pron, recent Paramount contractees from Broadway, dance up a storm. - IMDb

Paramount Headliner: The Star Reporter in Hollywood (series title) USA
The Star Reporter in Hollywood USA

Children's Cast:

Benny Bartlett [12] Bennie Bartlett