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The Land of Oz, a Sequel to the 'Wizard of Oz'

The Land of Oz (USA: reissue title)
The Scarecrow of Oz (USA: reissue title)

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1932 February, 1
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General Jinjur approaches Mombi for aid in conquering the Scarecrow king of the Emerald City. Meanwhile, the Soldier with the Green Whiskers does cartwheels prior to the annunciation of the return of Dorothy. Several dances later, Dorothy notices a miniature statue of Nick Chopper. Wishing he were present, she uses the powder of life, and with the magic words, "Wogglebug! Whimsy!" transforms the statue into the real Nick Chopper, who thanks her for bringing him to the city. They do more dances as General Jinjur summons her all-girl army by tap dancing on a drum. At this point the sound drops out on the existing print as they raid the city, leaving Scarecrow and Nick on the run, Jellia disguised as the SGW, and taking Dorothy to Mombi, who imprisons her on a flaming table, with slave boy Tip trying to rescue her. - IMDb

The Land of Oz, a Sequel to the 'Wizard of Oz' Canada
The Land of Oz (reissue title) USA
The Scarecrow of Oz (reissue title) USA

Children's Cast:

The Meglin Kiddies Dancers & Soldiers