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The Farmer's Daughter (TV series 1963-1966)

The Farmer's Daughter (Australia)

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1963 September, 20
30 minutes

Katrin "Katy" Holstrum seeks help from her congressman Glen Morley while he is in a predicament of needing a governess for his boys, Steve and Danny. Katy is hired and her common sense solutions contrast to the refined Morley's complicated ways of doing things. Grandmother Agatha is there to provide her opinions. - IMDb

The Farmer's Daughter Australia
The Farmer's Daughter Canada
The Farmer's Daughter USA
La hija del granjero Venezuela
Katy West Germany
Katy West Germany
Tyttö tuli taloon Finland

Children's Cast:

Billy Booth [15] Andy (TV Episode: Speak for Yourself John Katy) (1964)
Heather Menzies-Urich [15] Nancy Beth (TV Episode: Like Father, Like Son) (1964)
Ted Eccles [10] Gary (Scout #1) (TV Episode: Ja, Ja, a Thousand Times Ja) (1965)
Charles Herbert [16] Arnold Tatum / Arnold (TV Episode: The Morley Report) (1964)
Richard Keith [16] Drummer (TV Episode: Moe Hill and the Mountains) (1966)
Flip Mark [17] Bruce Hackett (TV Episode: Katy the Diplomat) (1965)
Roger Mobley [16] Alan Page (TV Episode: Follow the Leader) (1965)
Mickey Sholdar [14] Steven Morley / Steve Morley (TV Episode: Is He or Isn't He?) (1963)
Ricky Kelman [16] Jeff (TV Episode: Steve, Boy Lovelorn) (1965)
Peter Robbins [8] Josh (TV Episode: Speak for Yourself John Katy) (1964)
Dennis Olivieri [17] Arthur Hollister (TV Episode: The Octopus) (1964)
Diane Mountford [16] Diane (TV Episode: The Morley Report) (1964)
Tim Matheson [17] Jimmy (TV Episode: The Morley Report) (1964)
Sherry Alberoni [17] Penny (TV Episode: Miss Cheese) (1963)