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Shades of LA (TV series)

Shades of LA (USA)

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1990 October, 10
60 minutes

Det. Michael Burton of the Los Angeles Police Department is a shallow, casual kind of guy until a near-death experience changes his life. Grazed in the head by a bullet during a stake-out, Burton dies and finds himself in limbo, surrounded by "shades"--spirits of the dead who are trapped there, unable to proceed to Heaven or Hell until they can complete whatever unfinished business binds them to Earth. Paramedics restart his heart, and Burton wakes up in the hospital--only to discover he can still see shades. Each episode sees him helping a shade to solve his/her problem so s/he can move on to the afterlife. - IMDb

Ai confini dell'aldilà Italy
El Contacto fantasma (series title) Argentina
Ghost: A Série Brazil
Grüße aus dem Jenseits West Germany
Grüße aus dem Jenseits West Germany
Paluu varjoista Finland
Partner z zaświatów Poland
Shades of LA USA
Shadow Cop France
Skuggor från det förflutna Sweden

Children's Cast:

Brian Bonsall [10] Andy Makowski (TV Episode: Line of Fire: Part 1) (1991)
Coleby Lombardo [13] (TV Episode: Last Laugh) (1991)