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Moya rusalka, moya Lorelyay

My Mermaid, My Lorelei (United Kingdom)

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80 minutes

A romantic story unfolding in a beautiful village by the sea. The protagonists are 14-year-old Fedor and 18-year-old Nyurka. Fedor has long been interested in the girl, but was too shy to talk to her. He is an ordinary boy who enjoys riding his bike, while Nyurka is almost an actress. Her favorite book is 'Angelique and the King', a novel that defines the way she looks at life. She has often imagined being cast in the title role in a film. When she becomes close friends with Fedor, she assigns him a part from the novel as well. A film showing that love has no age. True feelings can change people and make them grow up. And love is a magical and pure feeling that can awaken courage in hearts. - IMDb

Действие фильма происходит в советском приморском городке в 80-х годах прошлого века. Главный герой фильма, 14-летний подросток Фёдор, влюбляется в 18-летнюю Нюрку. Казалось бы, между наивным мальчишкой и местной «ночной бабочкой» ничего не могло бы быть. Однако, их обоих увлекает первое любовное чувство. Это история о том, что у любви нет возраста. Чистое чувство из взрослого делает ребенка, а ребенок быстро становится взрослым ...

Moja syrenka, moja Lorelei Poland
My Mermaid, My Lorelei United Kingdom
My Mermaid, My Lorelei USA
My Mermaid, My Lorelei  
Лорелей Russia
Моя русалка, моя Лореляй Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Jewgienij Ryba Fyodor
Mikhail Shteinshnaider
Vladik Volk