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Dragnet (TV series 1951-1959)

Badge 714 (USA: syndication title)

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1951 December, 16
30 minutes
Drama / Crime / Mystery
Production Company:


"The story you are about to see is true", "Just the facts, ma'am", "We were working the day watch" - phrases which became so popular as to inspire much parody - set the realistic tone of this early police drama. The show emphasized careful police work and the interweaving of policemen's professional and personal lives. - IMDb

Badge 714 France
Badge 714 (syndication title) USA
Coup de filet France
Облава (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Bobby Driscoll [16] (TV Episode: The Big Sophomore) (1953)
Billy Chapin [10] Richard Kessler / Joseph Heffernan (TV Episode: The Big White Rat) (1953)
Anthony Sydes [16] (TV Episode: The Big Constitution) (1957)
Christian Pasques [15] (TV Episode: The Big Constitution) (1957)
David Stollery [11] Donald Rush (TV Episode: The Big Imposter) (1952)
Jimmy Karath [14] (TV Episode: The Big Bill) (1956)
Kim Charney [11] (TV Episode: The Big No Suicide) (1956)
Gary Hunley [8] (TV Episode: The Big No Suicide) (1956)
Ricky Kelman [9] Norman Fisher (TV Episode: The Big Jade) (1958)
Sammy Ogg [13] Elroy Graham / Stanley Johnstone
Erik Nielsen [14] (TV Episode: The Big Constitution) (1957)
Paul Engle [9] (TV Episode: The Big Game) (1957)
Beverly Washburn [11] Ruthie Snyder (TV Episode: The Big Pair) (1954)

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