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Violent Saturday

Violent Saturday (United Kingdom)

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1955 April, 20
90 minutes
Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 955 000

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A number of otherwise insignificant small-town stories erupt into drama when a gang of hoodlums decides to rob the local bank. A father looking for pride in his son's eyes, a timid clerk who is a peeping tom by night, a man striving to rewin his wife's love, an Amish farmer faced with viciousness, and a proper older woman turned thief, all find themselves entangled with the bank robbers as a peaceful weekend turns violent. - IMDb

Blodig lørdag Denmark
Farlig lördag Sweden
Geladen zaterdag Netherlands
Les inconnus dans la ville France
Les inconnus dans la ville Belgium
Krwawa sobota Poland
O sambata violenta Romania
Onbekenden in de stad Belgium
Sábado trágico Spain
Sábado Trágico Portugal
Sábado Violento Brazil
Sabato tragico Italy
La sanguinosa rapina (reissue title) Italy
Sensation am Sonnabend West Germany
Sensation am Sonnabend Austria
Skjebnesvanger lørdag Norway
Soyguncular Turkey
To Savvato tis orgis (transliterated title) Greece
Tod am Samstag Austria
Tod am Samstag West Germany
Les tueurs dans la ville France
Um Sábado Violento Brazil
Vaarallinen lauantai Finland
Violent Saturday United Kingdom
Violent Saturday USA
Violent Saturday Canada
Violent Saturday Australia
Жестокая суббота Soviet Union
恐怖の土曜日 Japan
난폭한 토요일 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Billy Chapin [11] Steve Martin
Kevin Corcoran [5] David Stadt
Sammy Ogg [15] Boy Pedestrian
Jeri Weil [6] Amish Child on Train