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The Millionaire (TV series 1955-1960)

The Millionaire (USA)

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1955 January, 19
30 minutes

John Beresford Tipton is a multi millionaire and among the things he does with his money is to give away a million dollars to people he doesn't know. So every week Tipton who is not seen, instructs his assistant, Michael Anthony to go bring the person he chose their check. And he asks them to sign an agreement not to tell anyone how they got the money. And we see how the recipients lives are changed. - IMDb

If You Had a Million  
The Millionaire Ecuador
The Millionaire USA
The Millionaire Canada
The Millionaire Canada
The Millionaire Italy
The Millionaire United Kingdom
El Millonario Mexico
El Millonario Spain
El Millonario Venezuela
Wenn man Millionär wär West Germany

Children's Cast:

Christopher Olsen [10] David / Wilbur (TV Episode: The Harvey Borden Story) (1956)
Eugene Mazzola [9] Small Boy (TV Episode: The Josef Marton Story) (1957)
Johnny Crawford [11] Wally (TV Episode: The Frank Keegan Story) (1957)
Billy Chapin [12] Tommy Bryan (TV Episode: The Tom Bryan Story) (1955)
Bobby Clark [13] Tommy Foley (TV Episode: The Nick Cannon Story) (1957)
Patty Ann Gerrity [8] Kathy (TV Episode: The Arthur Darner Story) (1956)
Rudy Lee Jeff (TV Episode: The Robert Croft Story) (1955)
Stanley Fafara [7] Boy / William (TV Episode: The Arthur Darner Story) (1956)
Tina Thompson [9] Nell (TV Episode: The Mildred Milliken Story) (1955)
Charles Herbert [11] Bobby Brown (TV Episode: Millionaire Harry Brown) (1959)
Lee Aaker [16] Tommy Spencer (TV Episode: Millionaire Henry Banning) (1959)
Michael Winkelman [11] Skip Westholme (TV Episode: The Judge William Westholme Story) (1957)
Flip Mark [12] Boy on Road (TV Episode: Millionaire Sylvia Merrick) (1960)
Richard Eyer [11] Rocky (TV Episode: The Victor Volante Story) (1956)
Bart Braverman [10] First Urchin / Timmy Murdock (TV Episode: The Ed Murdock Story) (1956)
Ronald Keith Ricky (TV Episode: The Betty Jane Ryan Story) (1955)
Rickey Murray [12] Bill (TV Episode: The Victor Volante Story) (1956)
Peter J. Votrian [15] Bobby Sheeler (TV Episode: The Maggie Sheeler Story) (1957)
Kim Charney [10] Martin (TV Episode: The Nancy Marlborough Story) (1955)
Brad Morrow [14] Jimmy Allen (TV Episode: Millionaire John Hardin) (1956)
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