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The Ford Television Theatre (TV series 1952-1957)

All-Star Theatre (USA: rerun title)
Ford Theatre (USA: short title)
Kraft TV Theatre (Australia: syndication title)

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1952 October, 2
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Musical

The show started in New York with Broadway actors. It then moved to Hollywood where Hollywood actors headed the cast. - IMDb

All-Star Theatre (rerun title) USA
Ford Theatre (short title) USA
Kraft TV Theatre (syndication title) Australia

Children's Cast:

Margaret O'Brien [17] Eleanor Brown (TV Episode: Daughter of Mine) (1954)
Billy Chapin [14] Billy Curran (TV Episode: Ringside Seat) (1957)
Bobby Clark [11] Joey Walsh / Melvin (TV Episode: A Kiss for Santa) (1955)
Doreen McCann [13] Millie / Midge Collins (TV Episode: Life, Liberty and Orrin Dooley) (1952)
Frank Bank [10] Clarence Miggs (TV Episode: Life, Liberty and Orrin Dooley) (1952)
Karolyn Grimes [14] (TV Episode: The Good of His Soul) (1954)
Kevin Corcoran [4] Jamie / Mike (TV Episode: Double Bet) (1953)
Natalie Wood [17] Polly Ramsay (TV Episode: Too Old for Dolls) (1955)
Tina Thompson [7] Patty Warren (TV Episode: All's Fair in Love) (1953)
Tommy Rettig [11] Larry Hartley / Robin Glenn / Fitzjames Lindsey (TV Episode: Heart of Gold) (1952)
Anthony Mazzola [15] (TV Episode: There's No Place Like Home) (1953)
Cheryl Callaway [7] (TV Episode: As the Flame Dies) (1953)
Paul Petersen [11] Lookout Boy / Jim Hawk as a Boy (TV Episode: Black Jim Hawk) (1956)
Charles Herbert [8] Billy Carson (TV Episode: The Menace of Hasty Heights) (1956)
Eilene Janssen [17] Katie Hopkins (TV Episode: While We're Young) (1955)
Gigi Perreau [13] Emily / Sylvia Raleigh (TV Episode: The Unbroken Promise) (1954)
Jimmy Hawkins [13] Stevie McCoy (TV Episode: The Fugitives) (1954)
Sherry Jackson [11] Terry Pelham (TV Episode: All's Fair in Love) (1953)
Lee Aaker [10] Tony Evans / Joey (TV Episode: All's Fair in Love) (1953)
Gordon Gebert [13] Jeff Warren (TV Episode: Keep It in the Family) (1954)
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