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The Ford Television Theatre (TV series 1952-1957)

All-Star Theatre (USA: rerun title)
The Ford Television Theatre (USA)
Ford Theatre (USA: short title)
Kraft TV Theatre (Australia: syndication title)

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1952 October, 2
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Musical

The show started in New York with Broadway actors. It then moved to Hollywood where Hollywood actors headed the cast. - IMDb

All-Star Theatre (rerun title) USA
Estrellas del teatro Spain
The Ford Television Theatre West Germany
The Ford Television Theatre Japan
The Ford Television Theatre USA
Ford Theatre (short title) USA
Kraft TV Theatre (syndication title) Australia
Teatro televisivo Ford Venezuela
Телевизионный театр Форда Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Margaret O'Brien [17] Eleanor Brown (TV Episode: Daughter of Mine) (1954)
Billy Chapin [14] Billy Curran (TV Episode: Ringside Seat) (1957)
Bobby Clark [11] Joey Walsh / Melvin (TV Episode: A Kiss for Santa) (1955)
Doreen McCann [13] Millie / Midge Collins (TV Episode: Life, Liberty and Orrin Dooley) (1952)
Frank Bank [10] Clarence Miggs (TV Episode: Life, Liberty and Orrin Dooley) (1952)
Karolyn Grimes [14] (TV Episode: The Good of His Soul) (1954)
Kevin Corcoran [4] Jamie / Mike (TV Episode: Double Bet) (1953)
Natalie Wood [17] Polly Ramsay (TV Episode: Too Old for Dolls) (1955)
Tina Thompson [7] Patty Warren (TV Episode: All's Fair in Love) (1953)
Tommy Rettig [11] Larry Hartley / Robin Glenn / Fitzjames Lindsey (TV Episode: Heart of Gold) (1952)
Anthony Mazzola [15] (TV Episode: There's No Place Like Home) (1953)
Cheryl Callaway [7] (TV Episode: As the Flame Dies) (1953)
Paul Petersen [11] Lookout Boy / Jim Hawk as a Boy (TV Episode: Black Jim Hawk) (1956)
Charles Herbert [8] Billy Carson (TV Episode: The Menace of Hasty Heights) (1956)
Eilene Janssen [17] Katie Hopkins (TV Episode: While We're Young) (1955)
Gigi Perreau [13] Emily / Sylvia Raleigh (TV Episode: The Unbroken Promise) (1954)
Jimmy Hawkins [13] Stevie McCoy (TV Episode: The Fugitives) (1954)
Sherry Jackson [11] Terry Pelham (TV Episode: All's Fair in Love) (1953)
Lee Aaker [10] Tony Evans / Joey (TV Episode: All's Fair in Love) (1953)
Gordon Gebert [13] Jeff Warren (TV Episode: Keep It in the Family) (1954)
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