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Cutie Cubies (TV series)

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2017 June, 1
11 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Fantasy
Production Company:

A musical series about the adventures of four Cubies from outer space. In the first season, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow are stuck on Earth after their Cubo-ship crashes. Here they met the girl Lily and the boy Brad. In each episode, Lily and Brad tell their guests from space about life and the how to behave on our planet. In the second season, the Cubies return to the planet Cubo. The heroes use their earthly experience and build new things with the help of a cube machine: a police station, a cube café, a ski resort, and a water park. Together with Cubo-Mayor they will find a lot of instructive and adventure stories. - IMDb

Четверо в кубе Russia

Children's Cast:

Lucy Capri Various Children's Characters (TV Episode: First Contact) (2017)

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