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The New Ghostwriter Mysteries (TV series)

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1997 September, 14
30 minutes

Three years after the original "Ghostwriter," a new team of teenage detectives (Camela Gorrick, Emilie Robeson, and "Strick" Strickland) team with the specter who can only communicate through written language. Together, they tackle crimes around the Fort Greene area of New York City. - IMDb

Le avventure di Ghostwriter Italy
The New Ghostwriter Mysteries Canada
Los nuevos misterios del fantasma escritor Argentina
Новые загадки призрака Russia

Children's Cast:

Alison Pill [12] Lucy (TV Episode: Moving Parts) (1997)
Daniel Lee Danny Caruso (TV Episode: Losing Bet) (1997)
David Roemmele (TV Episode: The Bad Rap) (1997)
Charlotte Sullivan [14] Camilla Gorik (TV Episode: Disappearing Act) (1997)
Daniel DeSanto [17] Theo (TV Episode: Moving Parts) (1997)
Kyle Downes [14] Bryan Russell (TV Episode: Teacher's Pet) (1997)
Kathryn Long [15] Zoe (TV Episode: Past Tense) (1997)
Hamille Rustia Jessica Baxter (TV Episode: Designer Crime) (1997)
Philip Eddolls (TV Episode: Moving Parts) (1997)
Kerry Duff [16] JoJo Walsh (TV Episode: Broken Window) (1997)
Erica Luttrell [15] Emilie Robeson
Kiel Campbell Ace (TV Episode: Sweet Revenge) (1997)
Matthew Lemche [17] Brandon (TV Episode: Past Tense) (1997)
Warren Benns Wiley Winston (TV Episode: Teacher's Pet) (1997)
Kevin Duhaney [13] Malcolm Reed (TV Episode: The Bad Rap) (1997)