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Road to Avonlea (TV series 1990-1996)

Avonlea (USA)
Road to Avonlea (Australia)
Tales from Avonlea (USA)

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1990 January, 7
60 minutes
Drama / Adventure / Family / Mystery / Romance
Production Company:


The King family have lived in a small farming community called Avonlea on Prince Edward Island for generations. In the early 1900's, the eldest of the five King siblings, Hetty, oversees the goings-on in the family and ensures everything runs to her high and rigid standards. Eldest brother, Alec, and his family run the King farm. Youngest sister Olivia, who still is treated as the baby by the others despite being a grown woman, is the third of the siblings still living in Avonlea. Two additions from the King family arrive somewhat unexpectedly to stay on the King property, one being Andrew King, the son of third eldest Roger, who is off traveling the world as a renowned geologist. The other arrival is Sara Stanley, the only daughter of fourth eldest but deceased Ruth, who was the rebellious one in the family. Before Sara's arrival in Avonlea, the Stanleys were estranged from their Avonlea King relations. Sara is sent to stay with her relatives because her father, Blair Stanley, wants to protect her from a potential scandal he is facing associated with his business in Montréal. Sara in particular will have to make many adjustments from her privileged Montréal life to survive emotionally in rural Avonlea without her father. - IMDb

Avonlea USA
Avonlea - Das Mädchen aus der Stadt West Germany
Avonlea - Das Mädchen aus der Stadt West Germany
Camino a Avonlea Venezuela
Camino a Avonlea Peru
Camino a Avonlea Spain
Les contes d'Avonlea France
Droga do Avonlea Poland
Les enfants d'Avonlea France
Ghesehay-e Jazireh Iran
Put za Avonlea Croatia
Road to Avonlea Netherlands
Road to Avonlea Canada
Road to Avonlea India
Road to Avonlea South Africa
Road to Avonlea Australia
Road to Avonlea Ecuador
Road to Avonlea Canada
Road to Avonlea Turkey
Road to Avonlea Sweden
Road to Avonlea United Kingdom
La strada per Avonlea Italy
Tales from Avonlea USA
Teekond Avonleasse Estonia
Tie Avonleaan Finland
Váratlan utazás Hungary
Σάρα, περιπέτειες στο Άβονλι Greece
Дорога в Эйвонли Soviet Union
Пут за Авонли Serbia
Пут за Ејвонли (alternative spelling) Serbia
アボンリーへの道 Japan
清秀小佳人 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Kevin Zegers [11] Gordon Bradley (TV Episode: A Time to Every Purpose) (1995)
David Roemmele Quint (TV Episode: The More Things Change) (1995)
Mia Kirshner [17] Emily Everett-Smythe (TV Episode: High Society) (1992)
Ben Cook Ian McNulty (TV Episode: From Away) (1996)
Sarah Polley [11] Sara Stanley / Jo Pitts (TV Episode: Otherwise Engaged) (1990)
Zachary Bennett [10] Felix King (TV Episode: So Dear to My Heart) (1990)
Kyle Labine [7] Davey Keith (TV Episode: So Dear to My Heart) (1990)
Ryan Gosling [16] Bret McNulty (TV Episode: From Away) (1996)
Cody Jones [11] Duffy Dean (TV Episode: So Dear to My Heart) (1996)
Amos Crawley [10] Jimmy Paterson (TV Episode: Sea Ghost) (1991)
Robert Bednarski Wiley Lester / Teddy Armstrong (TV Episode: The Last Hurrah) (1991)
Renessa Blitz Young Muriel (TV Episode: Memento Mori) (1994)
Harmony Cramp [11] Cecily King (TV Episode: Strictly Melodrama) (1990)
Ryan Floyd Baby Daniel / Daniel King (TV Episode: So Dear to My Heart) (1992)
Gema Zamprogna [14] Felicity King (TV Episode: So Dear to My Heart) (1990)
Brendan Leufkens Lucky MacEwan / Lucky (TV Episode: After the Ball Is Over) (1992)
Gillian Steeve Clemmie Ray (TV Episode: Vows of Silence) (1990)
Marc Worden [14] Edward Ray (TV Episode: Conversions) (1990)
Miklos Perlus [13] Peter Craig (TV Episode: Aunt Janet Rebels) (1990)
Steven Andrade Rusty (TV Episode: Heirs and Graces) (1993)
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