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General Electric Theater (TV series 1953-1962)

G.E. Theater (USA: informal short title)
G.E. True Theater (USA: tenth season title)
General Electric Theater (USA)

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1953 February, 1
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama

An American anthology series, with a new Episode and different Actors each week. Hosted by Ronald Reagan the series was sponsored by General Electric's Department of Public Relations. - IMDb

Expectación Spain
G.E. Theater (informal short title) USA
G.E. True Theater (tenth season title) USA
General Electric Theater West Germany
General Electric Theater Italy
General Electric Theater USA
Se parhaiten nauraa... Finland
Teatro General Electric Venezuela
Театр Дженерал Электрик Russia
Театр Дженерал Электрик Soviet Union
ジェネラル・エレクトリック・シアター Japan

Children's Cast:

Patty McCormack [11] (TV Episode: Alien Angel) (1956)
Ron Howard [5] Randy / Barnaby Baxter (TV Episode: Mr. O'Malley) (1959)
Bill Mumy [7] Buzz (TV Episode: A Friendly Tribe) (1961)
Eugene Mazzola [14] Timmy Carson (TV Episode: The Little Hours) (1962)
Rory Stevens [7] Scotty (TV Episode: Labor of Love) (1961)
Billy Chapin [12] Jeff Wheeler (TV Episode: Outpost at Home) (1955)
Bobby Clark [13] Joey Hogan (TV Episode: Father and Son Night) (1957)
Jerry Mathers [7] Tommy (TV Episode: Into the Night) (1955)
Natalie Wood [16] Polly Gookin / Lucy (TV Episode: I'm a Fool) (1954)
Sandy Descher [8] (TV Episode: Hired Mother) (1953)
Christian Pasques [13] Ben / Lonny (TV Episode: The Seeds of Hate) (1955)
Cheryl Callaway [9] Sally / Mary / Little Girl in Audience (TV Episode: The Clown) (1955)
Charles Herbert [8] Joshua Raskin (TV Episode: The Glorious Gift of Molly Malloy) (1956)
Gigi Perreau [12] (TV Episode: Hired Mother) (1953)
Lee Aaker [11] Tim Kelly (TV Episode: Wild Luke's Boy) (1954)
Tim Hovey [13] Frank Morgan (TV Episode: Kid at the Stick) (1958)
Flip Mark [14] Mike O'Hara (TV Episode: The Unstoppable Gray Fox) (1962)
Richard Eyer [12] Johnny Carterville / Tommy Stevens (TV Episode: Mr. Kensington's Finest Hour) (1957)
Bart Braverman [13] Prince Puranajab (TV Episode: I Was a Bloodhound) (1959)
Jimmy Karath [13] Pete (TV Episode: The Seeds of Hate) (1955)
Butch Bernard [10] Buddy Jericho / Thad Gaines / Jay (TV Episode: Angel in the Air) (1958)
Donald Losby [9] Scott Gauman (TV Episode: Early to Die) (1960)
Barry Gordon [11] Etienne (TV Episode: The Last Lesson) (1959)
Peter J. Votrian [11] (TV Episode: Hired Mother) (1953)
Kim Charney [10] (TV Episode: The Clown) (1955)
Clifford Tatum Jr. Johnny (TV Episode: The Chess Game) (1956)
Dennis Holmes [7] Tiny Tim (TV Episode: The Trail to Christmas) (1957)
Billy E. Hughes [14] Grover Darrow (TV Episode: Badge of Honor) (1962)
Gary Hunley [8] Trap (TV Episode: The Road That Led Afar) (1956)
Scotty Morrow [14] Jeffrey Orlovsky (TV Episode: Do Not Disturb) (1960)
Tom Nolan [10] Buddy Jericho / Thad Gaines / Jay (TV Episode: Angel in the Air) (1958)
Dennis Rush [8] Bobby Galloway (TV Episode: Journey to a Wedding) (1960)
Ricky Kelman [9] Johnny (TV Episode: The Unfamiliar) (1958)
Danny Bravo [11] Chico (TV Episode: Beyond the Mountains) (1959)
Teddy Rooney [10] Joey (TV Episode: The Money Driver) (1960)
Danny Richards Jr. [13] Marty (TV Episode: Farewell to Kennedy) (1955)
Michael Burns [13] Wilbur Schmidt / John Thomas Parkes (TV Episode: Learn to Say Goodbye) (1960)
Rene Kroper [11] (TV Episode: The Last Lesson) (1959)
Harvey Grant [7] (TV Episode: The Marriage Fix) (1953)
Martin Dean [17] Fielder (TV Episode: Farewell to Kennedy) (1955)
Erik Nielsen [14] Knucklehead (TV Episode: Mr. Kensington's Finest Hour) (1957)
Dorothy Best [13] Girl (TV Episode: Labor of Love) (1961)
Karen Green Corie (TV Episode: The Wish Book) (1961)
Beverly Washburn [13] Lily Gaines / Eloise (TV Episode: The Road That Led Afar) (1956)
Dana Dillaway [6] Little Girl (TV Episode: Emergency Call) (1956)
Donald MacDonald Tom (TV Episode: The Windmill) (1955)
Carol Faylen [12] (TV Episode: Do Not Disturb) (1960)
Terry Burnham [10] Penny / Lily / Cissy Owens (TV Episode: The Day of the Hanging) (1959)
Susan Gordon [13] Betsy Miller (TV Episode: My Dark Days: Part 1) (1962)
Lee Erickson Boy (TV Episode: Farewell to Kennedy) (1955)
Pat Close [13] Joey McQueen (TV Episode: Open House) (1961)
Evelyn Rudie [10] Lana Krosky (TV Episode: Nobody's Child) (1959)
Gina Gillespie [7] Bessie / Bonnie (TV Episode: Angel in the Air) (1958)