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Lux Video Theatre (TV series 1950-1959)

Lux Video Theatre (USA)
Summer Video Theatre (USA: summer title)

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1950 October, 2
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:

Live dramatic shows featuring Hollywood stars. Initially, the show was a 30-minute weekly show but when it moved to NBC in August 1954, the show was extended to 60-minutes and the plays were primarily adaptations of motion pictures and a host was added. The host would introduce each act and would conduct an interview with the stars at the end of the play. - IMDb

Lux Video Theatre West Germany
Lux Video Theatre USA
Summer Video Theatre (summer title) USA
Teatro Lux Venezuela

Children's Cast:

Margaret O'Brien [14] Elaine / Laura / Margaret (TV Episode: To the Lovely Margaret) (1951)
Christopher Olsen [9] Timmy Ennis (TV Episode: Holiday Affair) (1955)
Bobby Driscoll [14] Billy Crandall (TV Episode: Tin Badge) (1951)
Johnny Crawford [10] Jerry / Jean (TV Episode: Little Boy Lost) (1956)
Billy Chapin [11] Buddy / Gaston / Jeremy (TV Episode: Pick of the Litter) (1954)
Jerry Mathers [7] Little Boy (TV Episode: The Great McGinty) (1955)
Sandy Descher [8] Kim / Susan (TV Episode: Lovely Day) (1953)
Tommy Rettig [13] Jody (TV Episode: Shall Not Perish) (1954)
Cheryl Callaway [10] Suzi (TV Episode: Here Comes the Groom) (1956)
Gigi Perreau [13] Phyllis (TV Episode: The Girl Who Couldn't Cry) (1954)
Jimmy Hawkins [15] Pete Nelson (TV Episode: The Quick and the Dead) (1956)
Sherry Jackson [11] Ruthie Hammond (TV Episode: Listen, He's Proposing!) (1953)
Tim Hovey [11] Austin (TV Episode: The Gay Sisters) (1956)
Lydia Reed [11] Kay / Elisabeth (TV Episode: The Amazing Mrs. Halliday) (1955)
Michael Winkelman [10] Peter (TV Episode: Indiscreet) (1956)
Richard Eyer [11] Jimmy Lane (TV Episode: Only Yesterday) (1956)
Tommy Kirk [15] Buzz (TV Episode: The Green Promise) (1956)
Butch Bernard [7] Flip Baxter (TV Episode: It Grows on Trees) (1955)
Peter J. Votrian [13] David at 12 / Marridew (TV Episode: The Suspect) (1955)
Kim Charney [10] Donald / Danny (TV Episode: The Enchanted Cottage) (1955)
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