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Letter to Loretta (TV series 1953-1961)

The Loretta Young Show (USA: new title)
The Loretta Young Theatre (USA: rerun title)

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1953 September, 20
30 minutes


A drama anthology series hosted by actress Loretta Young. In addition to hosting the seres, she played the lead in various episodes. - IMDb

Ihr Star: Loretta Young West Germany
Ihr Star: Loretta Young West Germany
Letter to Loretta Canada
Loretta Young Spain
The Loretta Young Show (new title)  
The Loretta Young Show (new title) USA
The Loretta Young Theatre (rerun title) USA
El Show de Loretta Young Ecuador
El Show de Loretta Young Venezuela
ロレッタ・ヤング・ショー Japan

Children's Cast:

Christopher Olsen [8] Tommy Seller (TV Episode: The Enchanted Schoolteacher) (1954)
Bobby Driscoll [17] Jimmy Skinner (TV Episode: Big Jim) (1954)
Bill Mumy [6] Jimmy Harrison / Rennie (TV Episode: My Own Master) (1960)
Eugene Mazzola [8] Guermo Rodriguez (TV Episode: Three and Two, Please) (1956)
Johnny Crawford [10] Bobby Wright / Arthur Mullen / Freddy (TV Episode: The End of the Week) (1956)
Billy Chapin [11] Robbie Thorne (TV Episode: The New York Story) (1954)
Bobby Clark [11] Russell Hunter (TV Episode: Christmas Stopover) (1955)
Ken Osmond [14] Peter (TV Episode: The Countess) (1957)
Patty Ann Gerrity [10] Judy / Jan McGill (TV Episode: The Hidden One) (1958)
Sandy Descher [12] Janey McEvoy (TV Episode: My Favorite Monster) (1957)
Anthony Sydes [14] Junior Morris (TV Episode: Dickie) (1955)
Tina Thompson [9] Sally / Gracie (TV Episode: Dickie) (1955)
Nadine Ashdown [10] Mary as a Child (TV Episode: Case Book) (1955)
Cheryl Callaway [9] Sandy Stewart / Melissa / Pam Vernon (TV Episode: The Case of Mrs. Bannister) (1955)
Mimi Gibson [7] Mindy Morgan (TV Episode: The Little Teacher) (1955)
Charles Herbert [6] Jeff / Tommy / Mike / ... (TV Episode: Act of Faith) (1954)
Lee Aaker [10] Jimmy Preston / Myron Carrington (TV Episode: Kid Stuff) (1953)
Michael Winkelman [9] Hansie Lang / Jerry (TV Episode: The Last Spring) (1955)
Jennie Lynn [9] (TV Episode: When Queens Ride By) (1961)
Richard Eyer [10] Dickie Morris (TV Episode: Dickie) (1955)
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