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The District Attorney's Conscience

The District Attorney's Conscience (USA)

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1912 May, 22
Drama / Short
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James Douglas, a rising young lawyer of reputation, is elected to the office of District Attorney. At his election he also announces his engagement to Phyllis Hathaway. After their marriage his first big case is that of a man arrested for murder. He sees a great opportunity to make a name for himself, and throws his whole soul into sending the man to the electric chair. His wife begs him not to convict on circumstantial evidence, but he laughs at her fears. The end of the trial draws near and his wife attends the summing up. While the jurors are out she discovers the prisoner's little boy and acts as his protector. Realizing the verdict will be "guilty" she takes the boy out of the room. When Douglas comes home flushed with his triumph she again pleads with him against conviction on circumstantial evidence. Her pleas and the boy present in his home shake his confidence but he passes it off and agrees to allow her to adopt the boy. Later when his enthusiasm grows cold he begins to doubt the man's guilt. He reads of the convict's death in the chair, still maintaining his innocence and his fear grows. Douglas sobs out his mental anguish to the prisoner's attorney who half-heartedly tries to console him with the statement that he personally is positive of the prisoner's guilt. Going home he finds his wife and the boy. The former almost shrinks from him so sure is she that her husband has sent an innocent man to his death. In desperation he sends for the prisoners counsel, and tells him of his doubt, willingness to resign office, and make all possible restitution. The lawyer pulls from his pocket the prisoner's last confession, that he was guilty of the crime. - IMDb

The District Attorney's Conscience USA

Children's Cast:

Flora Foster [14]