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A 29-Cent Robbery

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1910 April, 15
Short / Comedy / Crime
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A marauder visits the home of little Edna Robinson, and is preparing to loot the house when he is frightened away by the entrance of the child. All he managed to take with him was Edna's toy bank, which contained the sum of 29 cents. But Edna grieves so bitterly about the loss of the bank that her parents decide to notify the police of the theft. "A 29-cent Robbery!" It is to laugh! And the police do. In fact, they laugh the parents out of police headquarters. When the parents tell the child about it she decides to see what she herself can do and call in person at headquarters. The captain is so fascinated by the child that he orders his officers to get busy on the case. They watch for a man carrying a toy bank, and make several arrests. Brought before Edna for identification, the suspects are pronounced guiltless by her and set free. Doubting the ability of the police to round up the right man, Edna secures a police whistle, and does some detective work on her own account. How good a sleuth she is the picture tells; and how good a picture it is we leave to you. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Marie Eline [8] Edna Robinson

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