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The Little Hero of Holland

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1910 June, 17
Drama / Short
Production Company:

Hans is a little Dutch boy, the son of a poor fisherman. He, like all children of Holland, is early impressed with the fact that the safety of the whole community depends upon the strength of the dyke. He is sent upon an errand to his aunt late one evening. Walking along at the foot of the dyke, he discovers a tiny hole, through which the water is pouring. Realizing that if left to flow through even this small aperture, the water would soon break down the dyke and flood the village, he sticks his tiny finger into the hole, and waits for someone to come to his assistance. Night comes on. His family decide that he has stayed with his aunt, and so do not worry about him. In the morning he is found almost unconscious from fatigue and exposure, by his little sister who has been searching for him. She runs back and notifies the villagers, who come to his assistance, repair the dyke, and carry the little hero back to the village in triumph. He is received by the Burgomaster and praised by the Minister. By his night's heroism he has made himself a place in history, and will always be known as "The Little Hero of Holland." - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Marie Eline [8] Hans, the Little Dutch Boy

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