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The Governor's Daughter

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1910 June, 24
Drama / Short
Production Company:

Bill Raymond, a convict, is sentenced to a long term, is on his way to prison, in custody of a sheriff. A little girl is a passenger on the same train, and she shows that she feels sorry for the man. He in turn appreciates her sympathy. The train is wrecked, and the sheriff who is handcuffed to Bill is killed. Bill takes the keys of the handcuffs from the pocket of the dead man, frees himself, and is about to escape, when he notices that the little girl, abandoned by her nurse, is lying unconscious in the car, which is now afire. The convict risks his life to save the child, and carries her out in his arms. He takes her to her nurse, and is recognized by a policeman and taken in custody, his chance for freedom lost. The child, who is the daughter of the Governor, although Bill does not know it, is restored to her parent. The nurse fears to mention the incident, and the Governor does not know how his darling's life was saved. Later the Governor goes to the State Prison on a tour of inspection, and Nell accompanies him. She has some flowers which she wants to give to the prisoners. In her tour of the prison, she recognizes Bill. She tells her father about it, and he pardons the hero-convict on the spot. - IMDb

Guvernørens Datter Denmark

Children's Cast:

Marie Eline [8] Nell, the Governor's Daughter

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