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Elinor Wonders Why (TV series)

Animal Town (USA)
Elinor Cham, Explorer and Friend (USA: informal English title)
Elinor Wonders Why (USA)
Elinor, the Bunny Who Wonders Why Birds Sing (USA: original script title)
La naturaleza de Elinor (USA: dubbed version)

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2020 September, 7
30 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Family
Production Company:

Elinor and her friends Ari, a funny and imaginative bat, and Olive, a perceptive and warm elephant. As kids explore Animal Town in sunny Natural Forest, Calif., they will meet all kinds of interesting, funny, and quirky characters, each with something to teach us about respecting others, the importance of diversity, caring for the environment, and working together to solve problems. In each episode, Elinor models the foundational practices of science inquiry and engineering design -- including her amazing powers of observation and willingness to ask questions and investigate. When she encounters something she doesn't understand, like why birds have feathers or how tiny ants build massive anthills, she just can't let it go until she figures it out. And in discovering the answers, Elinor often learns something about nature's ingenious inventions and how they can connect to ideas in our designed world, and what it takes to live in a community. - IMDb

Alnoor may khawad bedone (dubbed version) Iran
Animal Town USA
Elinor (dubbed version) United Arab Emirates
Elinor Cham, Explorer and Friend (informal English title) USA
Elinor Wonders Why South Korea
Elinor Wonders Why Canada
Elinor Wonders Why Philippines
Elinor Wonders Why USA
Elinor Wonders Why Singapore
Elinor Wonders Why India
Elinor Wonders Why Belgium
Elinor Wonders Why Canada
Elinor, a Curiosa Brazil
Elinor, a curiosa (dubbed version) Brazil
Elinor, the Bunny Who Wonders Why Birds Sing (original script title) USA
Ellinor undrar så (dubbed version) Sweden
Ilona ja luonnon ihmeet (dubbed version) Finland
La naturaleza de Elinor (dubbed version) USA
A Natureza de Leonor (dubbed version) Brazil
Yotsim Lachkor am Elinor (dubbed version) Israel

Children's Cast:

Delia Lisette Chambers Olive (TV Episode: Welcome to Nature Fest: Parts 1 and 2) (2021)
Ian Ho Koa