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Bethie's Really Silly Clubhouse (Video)

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45 minutes
Production Company:

Originally produced as a TV pilot for Discovery Kids, this children's program was instead released direct to video and it's musical segments broken up and aired as bumpers during children's programming on The Learning Channel. The video was marketed as a companion for Beth Lichter's album "Sam the Snake". Three children visit their friend Bethie's clubhouse where they are encouraged to be as silly as possible as long as they learn and do well in school. Everything is silly at Bethie's clubhouse, the door tells knock-knock jokes, the books jockey to be read first, and the TV reminds Bethie when her favorite show "Ivana the Iguanna's Beauty Tips" is on. Add to that an assortment of silly visitors like Kitty Kat Man, Captain Schnorer the Worldwide Explorer and various talking animals who all break into wonderful musical numbers while educating the kids, and you've got a delightful family entertainment! - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Tommy Bertelsen Tommy

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