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Flight 29 Down (TV series)

Flight 29 Down (USA)

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2005 October, 1
Adventure / Drama / Family

This show focuses on 7 of the 10 teenage survivors of a plane crash. They're all from LA but not all of them are friends. Their plane lands on some island in the South Pacific. 3 of the teens and the pilot go off in the jungle to explore it leaving the other 7 to worry about setting up camp and finding enough food and water. They have a radio but it is a long time before they get any contact with anyone. Each episode takes place within 1 or half a day of them being on the island. Drama occurs between the castaways revealing their insecurities, crushes, egos, and social problems. Surviving becomes more than just finding enough food and shelter. They eventually become like a family, having to learn to live and work together - IMDb

Le crash du vol 29 France
Flight 29 Down USA
Flight 29 Down Canada
Flight 29 Down Canada
Flight 29 Down Australia
Flyg 29 saknas Sweden
Lento 29 Finland
Oi navagoi (transliterated title) Greece
Les rescapés du vol 29 France
Rescate Vuelo 29 Mexico
Resgate do Vôo 29 Brazil
Zagubieni z Lotu 29 Poland
Затерянные на острове Russia
突然!サバイバル Japan

Children's Cast:

Corbin Bleu [16] Nathan (TV Episode: One Breath Away) (2005)
Allen Alvarado [9] Lex (TV Episode: One Breath Away) (2005)