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Casper: A Spirited Beginning (Video)


Aka: Casper II: Ghost Central Station (USA: working title)
Casper: The Beginning (USA: working title)
Director: Sean McNamara
Year: 1997
Country: USA
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Horror

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When Casper failed to show up at the Ghost Central Station, he instead finds himself in the world of the living where he befriends a young boy name Chris Carson, a 10 year old, who loves ghosts and the supernatural and has a workaholic father: Tim Carson who spends little time with his son as he attempts to tear down an old mansion to update the town. Casper also meets with the Ghostly Trio where they along with Chris are willing to help Casper become a better ghost. Meanwhile, a monstrous ghoul: Kibosh, who is head of the Ghost Central, discovers of Casper's absence, sent out his assistant: Snivel to find Casper and bring him back at once. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jeremy Foley [14] Casper (voice)
Steven Hartman [14] Brock Lee
Logan Robbins [11] Danny
Shannon Chandler [11] Jennifer
Brendon Ryan Barrett [11] Chris Carson

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