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Willow Smith: Whip My Hair (Video)

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4 minutes
Short / Music

Begins in a futuristic cafeteria with kids, dubbed the "Warriorettes", sitting down at tables wearing all white while the tables and walls are gray. Smith then enters the room in colorful attire, including a blue vest, orange pants and a belt with her name on it, while donning rhinestones on her lips and extravagant nail tips. With her braids shaped to form a heart, she carries a boombox filled with paint and plays it while undoing her braids and dipping them into paint inside the stereo, using her hair as a paintbrush and enlivening the atmosphere with colors. Smith then performs dance moves and gets the classroom involved, which is intercut with the singer now donning a colorful mohawk, performing choreography with dancers with blue shirts in front of a light blue backdrop. She alternates different hairstyles, and then walks down a hallway with her backup dancers, donning a cotton candy-esque hairstyle. She further whips her hair to give color to the lockers and students' attire, before performing extensive choreography with the hallway students. Midway, Smith and her dancers perform a dance routine with music not in the original song. The last scenes involves Smith with puff braids and in a yellow jumpsuit with her backup dancers in a different classroom trying to get them to dance, which is intercut with previous paint-splashing scenes, as the students, including her brother Jaden and actor cameron Boyce, teachers, janitor, elderly lady, and toddler dance. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jaden Smith [12]
Willow Smith [10]