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Killer Bees! (TV)

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2002 November, 19
96 minutes
Action / Adventure / Drama / Family / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller


Sheriff Lyndon Harris of a rural Washington town tries hard to smoothen life for his people, while shark mayor Ditwaller is out to acquire property after bank foreclosures. Lyndon also has an ex who presses for divorce and two kids, who need his help, especially son Dylan, who is easily lead astray by champion imp Jared Wylie. After noticing a Mexican truck with bee hives and several unusually aggressive bee attacks, Lyndon take doc's advice to consult entomologist Riley Muir, who concludes it's the northernmost-ever case of Latin American killer bees. Despite more bee attacks, the mayor refuses safety precautions, giving sole priority to closing a deal with a distributing company at the honey festival. - IMDb

Abejas asesinas Spain
Abelhas Assassinas Portugal
Albinele ucigase Romania
Api assassine Italy
El Ataque de las abejas Mexico
Essaim mortel France
Gyilkos fullánk Hungary
Killer Bees  
Killerbienen! Germany
Mordercze pszczoły Poland
Mörderischer Schwarm Germany
Thanatiforo kentri (DVD title) Greece
Пчели убийци (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Смертоносные твари Russia

Children's Cast:

Casey Dubois [9] Lyndon Harris - aged 7
Emily Tennant Cassidy Harris

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