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From Hand to Mouth


Aka: Von der Hand in den Mund (Germany)
Director: Alfred J. Goulding, Hal Roach
Year: 1919
Country: USA
Runtime: 22 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Short / Action

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As a penniless man worries about how he will manage to eat, he is joined by a young waif and her dog, who are in the same predicament. Meanwhile, across town a dishonest lawyer is working with a gang of criminals, trying to swindle an innocent young heiress out of her inheritance. As the heiress is on her way home from the lawyer's office, she notices the young man and the waif in the midst of their latest problem with the authorities, and she rescues them. Later on, the young man will have an unexpected opportunity to repay her for her kindness. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Peggy Cartwright [7] The Waif

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