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Simon & Simon (TV series 1981-1995)

Pirate's Key (USA)
Simon & Simon (Australia)
Simon and Simon (USA: informal title)

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1981 November, 24
60 minutes
Action / Mystery / Drama
Production Company:


A.J. Simon is a polished fellow with a taste for classic cars and tailored suits. Rick Simon is his less refined (but still pleasant) older brother who has a taste for cowboy boots and four-wheel drive pickups. The two of them live in San Diego, where they own a private detective agency. The series chronicles their exploits. - IMDb

Pirate's Key USA
Simon & Simon Sweden
Simon & Simon India
Simon & Simon Canada
Simon & Simon Netherlands
Simon & Simon Australia
Simon & Simon Philippines
Simon & Simon Italy
Simon & Simon Mexico
Simon & Simon South Africa
Simon & Simon Poland
Simon & Simon United Kingdom
Simon & Simon Ecuador
Simon & Simon USA
Simon & Simon Canada
Simon and Simon (informal title) USA
Simon et Simon France
Simon i Simon Spain
Simon i Simon Croatia
Simon Kardeşler Turkey
Simon und Simon West Germany
Simon und Simon West Germany
Simón y Simón, detectives (dubbed version) Uruguay
Сајмон и Сајмон Serbia
Саймон и Саймон Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Noah Hathaway [13] Patrick Jessup (TV Episode: Almost Completely Out of Circulation) (1984)
Brandon Call [8] Addie Becker's Son (TV Episode: The Dillinger Print) (1984)
Chad Allen [7] Boy (TV Episode: A Recipe for Disaster) (1981)
Jason Hervey [16] Bradley (TV Episode: Second Swell) (1988)
Justin Gocke [6] Young A.J. Simon (TV Episode: C'est Simon: Part 1) (1984)
Rocky Krakoff Chris Brooks (TV Episode: Love and/or Marriage) (1985)
Matthew Labyorteaux [17] Richie Adler (TV Episode: Fly the Alibi Skies) (1983)
Robbie Rist [17] Terry McDaniels (TV Episode: Trapdoors) (1981)
Carl Steven [8] First Boy / Little Boy (TV Episode: Rough Rider Rides Again) (1982)
Omri Katz [8] Boy (TV Episode: Yes, Virginia, There Is a Liberace) (1984)
Dick Billingsley [8] Kyle Vogel (TV Episode: Betty Grable Flies Again) (1983)
Christopher Burton [9] Jason Lee (TV Episode: Down-Home Country Blues) (1985)
Todd Porter [15] Hamilton Parker (TV Episode: Fly the Alibi Skies) (1983)
Giovanni Ribisi [11] Kid #1 (TV Episode: The Skull of Nostradamus) (1985)
Robin Ignico [11] Irene (TV Episode: A Recipe for Disaster) (1981)
Parker Jacobs [10] Little Boy (TV Episode: The Third Eye) (1985)
Mario Lopez [11] Roberto (TV Episode: Corpus Delecti) (1984)
Daryl Bartley [12] Young Boy (TV Episode: Competition: Who Needs It?) (1986)
Lori Randolph Blonde little girl (TV Episode: Mike & Pat) (1982)