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Escape from Atlantis (TV)

Escape from Atlantis (USA)

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1997 March, 29
97 minutes
Fantasy / Adventure / Comedy

A world unlike any you've ever known! Matt Spencer, a workaholic attorney and single father, is struggling to raise his three rebellious teenagers in the wake of his wife walking out on him. Chris Spencer, Matt's eldest son, is a handsome, over-achieving, straight-laced 18-year-old who is angry with his father about the divorce, even though his mother is the one who left. Daughter Claudia is a typical 16-year-old mall rat with too much time on her hands and the good looks that usually spell trouble. Youngest son Adam is a hip 13-year-old with a big mouth and a smart-alec attitude to go along with it. In an attempt to bring his family together again, Matt charters a sailboat for a 10-day surprise cruise to the Bahamas. The kids, selfishly un-excited about the trip, try to talk their father out of it, but he is steadfast in his determination to spend some quality family time together. Upon landing in Florida, the Spencers arrive at the dock to board the Wind Dancer, a beautiful 90-foot sailboat that, according to the brochure, perfectly combines "performance sailing and luxury living." Not quite! It turns out to be a rundown, yet still seaworthy schooner, complete with mildewy sails and a hull that is in desperate need of a paint job. The ship's captain, Liam Gallagher, is a salty, bedraggled man who drinks too much and seems to be in worse shape than his vessel. Not one to be deterred, Matt, having been convinced the Wind Dancer has passed a recent safety inspection, sets off with his family on a bigger adventure than any of them had planned. - IMDb

Apodrasi apo tin Atlantida (transliterated title) Greece
Les aventuriers de l'Atlantis France
Escape from Atlantis USA
Flucht von Atlantis West Germany
Fuga da Atlântida Portugal
Fuga de Atlântida Brazil
Huida de Atlantis Spain
Menekülés Atlantiszról Hungary
Perdus à Atlantis Canada
Seikkailujen Atlantis (video box title) Finland
Ucieczka z Atlantydy Poland

Children's Cast:

Mercedes McNab [17] Claudia Spencer
Justin Burnette [15] Adam Spencer