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Time Share

Bitter Suite (United Kingdom)
Time Share (USA)

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2000 June, 18
87 minutes
Comedy / Romance


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A residence on Balboa holiday island gets rented to two families, who meet while fighting for first spot on the ferry. Restaurant chef Matthew 'Matt' Farragher work long hours, but is such fun when at home that cheerful son Lewis and nagging daughter Daphne still love him to death. German genetics researcher Dr. Julia Weiland raised her sons from an American father, adolescent Thomas and preteen Max, well-behaved but boring. Her lab partner and fiancée Russel's true passion is GM vegetables. All the boys bond naturally, despite Julia's over-protective objections. Matt coaches Thomas on his love-life and Lewis teaches Max sailing. Bridging the gorge between the parents will take much more - what will some drama do for them all? - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Kevin Zegers [15] Thomas Weiland
Kelli Garner [16] Kelly the Beach Girl
Billy Kay [16] Lewis Farragher
Cameron Finley [12] Max Weiland