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Quick Money

Quick Money (United Kingdom)
Taking the Town (USA)

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1937 December, 10
59 minutes
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Bluford H. Smythe, who has made it big in the big city, has returned to his small hometown of Glenwood after being away for twenty years. Accompanying him is his personal secretary, Ambrose Ames. Despite it being purely a vacation to get some rest and relaxation, the leading citizens of the town welcome him back with some official gatherings. Mayor Jonas Tompkins, who never liked Bluford, holds no grudges against him and too welcomes him with open arms. Although Bluford had no intention of making the news public, the townsfolk learn that he has indeed come back to do business, specifically develop a summer resort in Glenwood to rival that of the best summer resorts worldwide. As such, the leading townsfolk, led by banker Thorndyke Barnsdale, want a chance to invest. They believe that the bulk of the money could come from the town's coffers, specifically the $47,000 in the school fund. That goes against Jonas' wishes, he who doesn't believe the town's money should be used for speculative purposes, especially money earmarked for the public good of schools. But the majority of the town supports Thorndyke's stance - including Jonas' wife, Lyda - and do whatever necessary to get what they want, even if it means removing Jonas from office if he doesn't change his mind. Jonas also believes something doesn't seem quite right about the deal. With the help of the few supporters he has left in town - including newspaper reporter Bill Adams, Coach Woodford of the high school football team, and his two children, Alice and Freddie, the latter who has a penchant for playing with explosive chemicals - he goes about trying to find out if his sneaking suspicion that something's not quite right has merit. - IMDb

Quick Money United Kingdom
Quick Money USA
Taking the Town USA
Tratantes Atarantados Brazil

Children's Cast:

Sherwood Bailey [14] Freddie Tompkins