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Moby Dick

Moby Dick (Australia)

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1930 August, 14
80 minutes
Adventure / Drama
Production Company:

In this extremely loose adaptation of Melville's classic novel, Ahab is revealed initially not as a bitter and vengeful madman, but as a bit of a lovable scamp. Ashore in New Bedford, he meets and falls for Faith Mapple, daughter of the local minister and beloved of Ahab's brother Derek. Faith herself quickly returns Ahab's love, as Derek is drab and ignoble. On his next voyage, however, Ahab loses a leg to the monstrous white whale Moby-Dick. When upon his return to New Bedford he mistakenly believes Faith wants nothing to do with him because of his disfigurement, Ahab returns to sea with only one goal in mind -- to find and kill the great white whale. - IMDb

El Azote de los mares Uruguay
La bestia del mar Mexico
A Fera do Mar Portugal
La fiera del mar Spain
Havets Dæmoner Denmark
Havets härskare Sweden
Moby Dick Australia
Moby Dick Brazil
Moby Dick Canada
Moby Dick United Kingdom
Moby Dick USA
Moby Dick il mostro bianco Italy
O thalassokrator (transliterated title) Greece
Valkoinen valas Finland
Ο θαλασσοκράτωρ Greece
海の巨人(1930) Japan

Children's Cast:

Dannie Mac Grant [11] Boy