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High Heels

High Heels (USA)

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1921 October, 24

Spoiled and self-centered society girl, Christine Trevor, neglects her sister and two brothers and merely tolerates her indulgent father. When her father suddenly dies, leaving them essentially penniless, Christine all but deserts the family to marry a social parasite. Dr. Denton, the family physician, prevents the marriage by appealing to her better nature and helps her build a home for the family. She rescues her grouchy old neighbor from his burning house, though he is the very man who is responsible for wrecking the family fortune out of vengeance for a wrong against him years earlier; and he comes to admire her. Finally, Christine realizes she loves Dr. Denton, and they are united. - IMDb

High Heels USA
女になる迄 Japan

Children's Cast:

Charles De Briac [5] Daffy Trevor
Raymond De Briac [5] Dilly Trevor