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1919 August, 24
70 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Drama
Production Company:

"Checkers" a race horse enthusiast, falls in love with Pert Barlow despite the protests of her father, wealthy Southern Judge Barlow, who had hoped his daughter would marry Arthur Kendall. Checkers enters Pert's horse Remorse in a race in which Kendall's horse is also running. When Kendall, who is interested in Pert mainly for her money, learns of Remorse's speed, he schemes with Alva Romaine to keep the horse away from the track. Kendall plots to have the horse's freight car uncoupled from the train in which he is riding and run off an open drawbridge. The car is set on fire, but Checkers manages to save both the horse and Pert. Checkers and Pert lead Remorse to a hiding place. In an attempt to learn Remorse's hiding place, Pert is abducted in Chinatown and then rescued by Checkers. When Remorse's jockey is injured by Kendall's men, Pert wears the boy's clothes and rides Remorse to victory. Finally, the judge consents to a marriage between Pert and Checkers. - IMDb

チェッカース (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Buck Black [4] Boy

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