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Flower of Night

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1925 October, 18
70 minutes
Production Company:

California of 1856, Don Geraldo y Villalon, descendant of Spanish grandees, has had the Flor de Noche gold mine wrested from him by dishonest Americans. Carlota, his daughter, falls in love with John Basset, the new assistant superintendent at the mine, and goes to a dance, against her father's wishes, to be near him. Mine superintendent Derck Bylandt, who has had too much to drink, dies of a heart attack when he tries to force Carlota to dance with him. Disgusted with the scene, Basset ignores her. She confesses to her father that she has disgraced the Villalon name, and he commits suicide. She then goes to San Francisco and becomes a dance hall girl. Stung by Basset's contempt, she accepts the offer of infatuated Luke Rand, the sinister head of the Vigilance Committee, to help her recover the mine. She recants when she realizes that Basset's life is in danger. In the end, Basset kills Rand; and he and Carlota realize their mutual love. - IMDb

Flor da Noite Brazil
A Flor da Noite Brazil
Kwiat nocy Poland
Nattens Blomst Denmark
O anthos tis nyktos (transliterated title) Greece

Children's Cast:

Buck Black [10]

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