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Jamall & Gerald (TV series)

Jamall & Gerald (USA)

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2018 September, 21
Production Company:

Jamall Johnson (Jeremiah Bellevue) & Gerald Lewis (Michael Towns) get pranked by their little sister Katy (Taylor Timmons) and get in a lot of Trouble at school but even more by their parents (Janet Johnson (Alishia Carderella) & Jacob Lewis (Chase Vacnin) Jamall & Gerald have been on a journey to make their music more popular but along the road they run into a few bumps and get into Trouble at school and even by their parents. - IMDb

Jamall & Gerald USA

Children's Cast:

Max Charles [15] Mason
Dusan Brown [17] Slade (TV Episode: The bro code) (2018)
Landon Gimenez [15] Zeke
Thomas Kuc [16] Toby (TV Episode: Haunted House) (2018)
Brandon Spink [14] Sammy
Joel Dawson [11] Young Gerald (6) (TV Episode: Gerald's Birthday) (2019)
Ian Chen [12] Timothy (TV Episode: First day of school) (2018)
Michael Towns [13] Gerald Lewis