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The Detectives (TV series 1959-1962)

The Detectives (Australia)

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1959 October, 16
60 minutes
Action / Crime / Drama

Captain Matt Holbrook leads a squad of brave and tough detectives in a large, unnamed city. Instead of leading personal lives, they spend all of their time tracking murderers, thieves, corrupt cops, con-men and other lawbreakers. Holbrook's squad always consisted of three detectives, and rarely were all four men on a case at the same time. - IMDb

Detectives Italy
Los detectives Spain
Los detectives Mexico
The Detectives, Starring Robert Taylor  
The Detectives Australia
The Detectives France
The Detectives United Kingdom
The Detectives USA
Etsivät Finland
Kein Fall für FBI West Germany
Kein Fall für FBI West Germany
Robert Taylor's Detectives (new title)  

Children's Cast:

Billy Booth [13] Justin (TV Episode: Pandora's Box) (1962)
Eugene Mazzola [11] Tommy (TV Episode: My Name Is Tommy) (1959)
Jay North [8] Bobby Cooper (TV Episode: The Hiding Place) (1959)
Butch Patrick [8] Bobby (TV Episode: The Legend of Jim Riva) (1961)
Bart Braverman [13] Carlos Lavelli (TV Episode: Shot in the Dark) (1959)
Roger Mobley [11] Boy / Paul, the boy (TV Episode: Shuttle) (1960)
Ray Ferrell [10] Raymond Halstead / Henry (TV Episode: Masquerade) (1959)
Billy E. Hughes [12] Bobby Marx (TV Episode: The Little Witness) (1960)
Gregory Irvin [10] Mike Russo (TV Episode: One Lousy Wednesday) (1962)
Ronnie Dapo [10] Mike Russo (TV Episode: Pandora's Box) (1962)
Don Grady [16] Tommy (TV Episode: The Other Side) (1960)
Morgan Brittany [11] Leslie Martell (TV Episode: Saturday Edition) (1962)
Trudi Ames [14] Sandra (TV Episode: Floating Face Down) (1960)
Paul Engle [11] Eddie (TV Episode: Back-Seat Driver) (1959)
David Halper [13] Richard Maitland (TV Episode: House Call) (1960)
Jimmy Carter Hughie Maitland (TV Episode: House Call) (1960)
Dennis Olivieri [14] Robbie (TV Episode: Little Boy Clue) (1961)
Diane Mountford [14] Candy Corbett / Anita (TV Episode: The Outsider) (1962)