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Invitation to the Dance

Circus (USA: segment title)
Ring Around the Rosy (USA: segment title)
Sinbad the Sailor (USA: segment title)

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1956 May, 15
93 minutes
Animation / Fantasy / Musical
Production Company:
$ 1 500 000

This is a movie where three entirely different stories are told though dancing. Words are not used and the style of dancing is different for each part. Kelly is a clown in the 'Circus'; a Marine in 'Ring Around the Rosy'; and Sinbad in 'Sinbad the Sailor'. - IMDb

Circus (segment title) USA
Convite à Dança Brazil
Convite à Dança Portugal
Dansa Davet (Turkish title) Turkey
Drömmarnas dans Sweden
Einladung zum Tanz Austria
Einladung zum Tanz West Germany
Felhívás táncra Hungary
Invitación a la danza Spain
Invitación al baile Uruguay
Invitation à la danse France
Kjærlighetens ringdans (alternative title) Norway
Poziv na igru (Serbian title) Yugoslavia
Prosklisis se horo (transliterated title) Greece
Ring Around the Rosy (segment title) USA
Sinbad the Sailor (segment title) USA
Tánc-meghívás (alternative title) Hungary
Tanssiinkutsu Finland
Trittico d'amore Italy
Vyzvání k tanci Czechoslovakia
Zaproszenie do tańca Poland
Покана за танц (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Приглашение на танец (Russian title) Soviet Union
嘆きのピエロ(1957) (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

David Kasday [14] The Genie in 'Sinbad the Sailor'