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Ben Casey (TV series 1961-1966)

Ben Casey (USA)

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1961 October, 2
60 minutes
Production Company:

Gritty realistic hospital drama featuring manly Dr. Casey against the medical establishment, at first under the watchful eye of Dr. Zorba and later under the thumb of Chief of Surgery Dr. Freeland. - IMDb

Ben Casey Philippines
Ben Casey USA
Ben Casey Argentina
Ben Casey Australia
Ben Casey Canada
Ben Casey Canada
Ben Casey West Germany
Ben Casey Spain
Ben Casey United Kingdom
Ben Casey Mexico
Doktorlar Turkey
Tohtori Ben Casey Finland
Бен Кэйси Soviet Union
ベン・ケーシー Japan

Children's Cast:

Bill Mumy [11] Victor Chase (TV Episode: Did Your Mother Come from Ireland, Ben Casey?) (1965)
Ruthie Robinson [12] Terry Walton (TV Episode: Give My Hands an Epitaph) (1962)
Butch Patrick [9] (TV Episode: A Pleasant Thing for the Eyes) (1962)
Richard Keith [11] (TV Episode: An Expensive Glass of Water) (1961)
Jean-Michel Michenaud [8] Roy Farr (TV Episode: August Is the Month Before Christmas) (1964)
Roger Mobley [15] Paul Hamilton Jr. (TV Episode: Keep Out of Reach of Adults) (1964)
Pat Cardi [14] Carl (TV Episode: Eulogy in Four Flats) (1965)
Donald Losby [14] Colin McMasters (TV Episode: When I Am Grown to Man's Estate) (1965)
Patty Duke [16] Janie Wahl (TV Episode: Mrs McBroom and the Cloud Watcher) (1962)
Clint Howard [4] (TV Episode: Little Drops of Water, Little Grains of Sand) (1963)
Tony Maxwell [10] Andy Bramson (TV Episode: A Story to Be Softly Told) (1962)
Scotty Morrow [15] (TV Episode: The Sweet Kiss of Madness) (1961)
Kevin Brodie [10] Tommy Marsh (TV Episode: The Big Trouble with Charlie) (1962)
Alan Roberts [14] (TV Episode: The Big Trouble with Charlie) (1962)
Morgan Brittany [13] Lisa Beldon (TV Episode: I'll Get on My Ice Floe and Wave Goodbye) (1964)
Ann Jillian [13] Penny Fletcher (TV Episode: It Is Getting Dark... And We Are Lost) (1963)
Craig Huxley [11] Michael Tevlin (TV Episode: You Wanna Know What Really Goes on in a Hospital?) (1965)
Pat Rosson [10] Joey Farnum (TV Episode: Go Not Gently Into the Night) (1962)
Cherylene Lee [11] Suzie Umeki (TV Episode: The Lonely Ones) (1964)
Susan Gordon [12] Susan Whitman / Cathy Reed (TV Episode: But Linda Only Smiled) (1961)
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