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Alcoa Premiere (TV series 1961-1963)

Alcoa Premiere (United Kingdom)
Fred Astaire's Premiere Theatre (USA)
Premiere, Presented by Fred Astaire (USA)

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1961 October, 10
60 minutes
Production Company:

Hosted by famous dancer/actor Fred Astaire, this series presented a new drama with each week's episode. Unlike some of the earlier drama series, which tended either toward classics or toward light subject matter, this series often had powerful stories about painful or controversial subjects. Many big names got involved with this series, including actors like Charlton Heston and Lee Marvin, directors like John Ford, and writers like Ray Bradbury. - IMDb

Alcoa Premiere United Kingdom
Alcoa Premiere Japan
Alcoa Premiere USA
Fred Astaire Spain
Fred Astaire esittää Finland
Fred Astaire's Premiere Theatre USA
Premiere, Presented by Fred Astaire USA
Премьера Алкоа Russia

Children's Cast:

Bill Mumy [8] Skipper (TV Episode: The Boy Who Wasn't Wanted) (1962)
Rory Stevens [9] Boy (TV Episode: The Broken Year) (1963)
Butch Patrick [9] Wesley (TV Episode: The Time of the Tonsils) (1962)
Roger Mobley [13] Lonnie Dunlap (TV Episode: Second Chance) (1962)
Warren Hsieh [11] Chan
Kim Charney [17] Donnie Mitchell (TV Episode: The Long Walk Home) (1962)
Michel Petit Boy (TV Episode: The Fugitive Eye) (1961)
Johnny Bangert [8] (TV Episode: The Time of the Tonsils) (1962)
Joey Russo [9] Boy (TV Episode: The Voice of Charlie Pont) (1962)
Michael Burns [14] Chip Baring (TV Episode: Family Outing) (1961)
Rene Kroper [15] Bobby Kovacs (TV Episode: The Town That Died) (1963)
Tammy Locke [3] Sally Laurents (TV Episode: The Voice of Charlie Pont) (1962)
Barbara Hunter [14] Hilda (TV Episode: Of This Time, of This Place) (1962)
Susan Gordon [12] Sandy Gould / Julie Collins (TV Episode: The Witch Next Door) (1961)