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Mister Ed (TV series 1958-1966)

Mister Ed (USA)
Wilber Pope and Mister Ed (USA)

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1961 January, 4
30 minutes
Comedy / Family / Fantasy


Mister Ed is a horse who is owned by Wilbur Post. Mister Ed is not just any horse, he talks to Wilbur! But this gets Wilbur in all kinds of trouble because Mister Ed won't talk to anyone else, so Carol, Wilbur's wife, thinks that Wilbur loves Mister Ed more then he loves her, because he spends so much time with Mister Ed. Mister Ed also talks on the telephone and goes out of his barn to cause mischief, which Wilbur gets blamed for. - IMDb

Ed - koń, który mówi Poland
Mister Ed Canada
Mister Ed South Korea
Mister Ed USA
Mister Ed Ecuador
Mister Ed Singapore
Mister Ed Australia
Mister Ed Mexico
Mister Ed Finland
Mister Ed Canada
Mister Ed West Germany
Mister Ed, il mulo parlante Italy
Monsieur Ed, le cheval qui parle France
Mr. Ed Spain
Mr. Ed (informal literal title) Netherlands
Oba no Ed-kun (new title) Japan
Wilber Pope and Mister Ed USA
Мистер Эд Soviet Union
ミスター・エド Japan

Children's Cast:

Ted Eccles [7] Bobby Ainsworth (TV Episode: No Horses Allowed) (1962)
Butch Patrick [10] Stevie / Tommy Slater (TV Episode: Don't Laugh at Horses) (1963)
Darby Hinton [6] Rocky - Little Boy (TV Episode: Getting Ed's Goat) (1963)
Jon Provost [15] Johnny Provost (TV Episode: Jon Provost Meets Mister Ed) (1965)
Flip Mark [17] Monk (TV Episode: My Horse, the Ranger) (1965)
Kevin Brodie [10] Joey (TV Episode: Wilbur the Good Samaritan) (1962)
Irwin Jay Berniker [19] Harry (TV Episode: Ed the Beachcomber) (1962)
Chris Hughes Newsboy / Peter (TV Episode: Ed the Hero) (1961)
Stephen Paylow [12] Andy (TV Episode: Little Boy) (1961)
Keith Taylor Chub (TV Episode: My Horse, the Ranger) (1965)
Annette Gorman [15] Pauline (TV Episode: Ed, the Matchmaker) (1962)
Barbara Hunter [14] Taffy (TV Episode: Ed, the Matchmaker) (1962)
Charla Doherty [16] Gloria (TV Episode: Ed, the Matchmaker) (1962)
Lindy Davis [7] Peter Webster (TV Episode: Unemployment Show) (1963)
Robert Nunn Steve / B.J. Fosdick / B.J. (TV Episode: Ed's Juice Stand) (1965)