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I Dream of Jeannie (TV series 1965-1970)

I Dream of Jeannie (USA)

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1965 September, 18
30 minutes
Comedy / Family / Fantasy


Captain Tony Nelson is an astronaut. While on a mission, he discovered a mysterious bottle. Opening it, he released Jeannie (a Genie) who was so overjoyed at her release she promised to serve Captain Nelson. Nelson is unsure what to make of Jeannie, especially given that his work is highly secret and his superiors tend to keep a close eye on him. - IMDb

Ani Kholem Al Jeannie Israel
Bezaubernde Jeannie West Germany
Bezaubernde Jeannie West Germany
I Dream of Jeannie Japan
I Dream of Jeannie Netherlands
I Dream of Jeannie Philippines
I Dream of Jeannie Poland
I Dream of Jeannie Sweden
I Dream of Jeannie Singapore
I Dream of Jeannie USA
I Dream of Jeannie South Africa
I Dream of Jeannie United Arab Emirates
I Dream of Jeannie Australia
I Dream of Jeannie Canada
I Dream of Jeannie Ecuador
I Dream of Jeannie United Kingdom
I Dream of Jeannie Indonesia
I Dream of Jeannie India
I Dream of Jeannie India
I Jeannie kai to tzini (transliterated title) Greece
Jeannie de mes rêves France
Jeannie é um Gênio Brazil
Jeannie, a háziszellem Hungary
Jinny Canada
Jinny de mes rêves (dubbed version) France
Mano svajoniu Džine Lithuania
Mi bella genio Argentina
Mi bella genio Spain
Mi bella genio Mexico
Mi bella genio Peru
Mi bella genio Venezuela
A Minha Bela Génio Portugal
Strega per amore Italy
Unelmatyttöni Finland
Η Jeannie και το τζίνι Greece
Я мечтаю о Джинни Soviet Union
かわいい魔女ジニー Japan
내 사랑 지니 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Bill Mumy [11] Custer (TV Episode: Whatever Became of Baby Custer?) (1965)
Kerry MacLane [11] Joey (TV Episode: Blackmail Order Bride) (1969)
Butch Patrick [13] Richard (TV Episode: My Master, the Author) (1966)
Kevin Tate [12] Keith Asher (TV Episode: What's New, Poodle Dog?) (1966)
George Spell [11] Eddie (TV Episode: Jeannie at the Piano) (1969)
Teddy Quinn [10] Tony, Jr. (TV Episode: Blackmail Order Bride) (1969)
Kimberly Beck [10] Gina (TV Episode: My Master, the Author) (1966)
Britt Semand [16] Helga (TV Episode: Richest Astronaut in the World) (1966)
Sheldon Collins [14] Jason MacWhorter (TV Episode: Jeannie and the Secret Weapon) (1969)