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The John Forsythe Show (TV series 1965-1966)

The Mister and the Misses (USA: working title)

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1965 September, 13
30 minutes

Retired US Air Force Major John Foster inherits the Foster School, an exclusive San Francisco school for girls. Foster is a bachelor who has only had social dealings with women. Ed Robbins, a former Air Force sergeant and friend helps Foster run the school while Miss Culver is the school principal who has many misunderstandings with the two men. In 1966, the format changed. The school became a base for Foster and Robbins as they played undercover agents for an unnamed U.S. government spy agency. Their missions were humorous rather than James Bondish. - IMDb

The Mister and the Misses (working title) USA

Children's Cast:

Angela Cartwright [13] (TV Episode: Little Miss Egghead) (1965)
Pamelyn Ferdin [6] Pamela (TV Episode: That Little Old Matchmaker) (1965)
Mickey Sholdar [16] Nelson (TV Episode: Anyone for Marriage?) (1965)
Cindy Cassell [15] Betty Jane (TV Episode: After Going Steady, What Else Is There?) (1965)

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