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The Andy Griffith Show (TV series 1960-1968)

The Andy Griffith Show (USA)
Andy of Mayberry (USA: rerun title)

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1960 October, 3
30 minutes
Comedy / Family


Widower Sheriff Andy and his son Opie live with Andy's Aunt Bee in Mayberry NC. With virtually no crimes to solve, most of Andy's time is spent philosophizing and calming down his cousin Deputy Barney. - IMDb

The Andy Griffith Show USA
The Andy Griffith Show Australia
The Andy Griffith Show France
The Andy Griffith Show India
The Andy Griffith Show Italy
The Andy Griffith Show Mexico
The Andy Griffith Show Canada
The Andy Griffith Show Canada
The Andy Griffith Show South Korea
The Andy Griffith Show Singapore
The Andy Griffith Show United Kingdom
The Andy Griffith Show Philippines
The Andy Griffith Show West Germany
The Andy Griffith Show Ecuador
Andy of Mayberry (rerun title) USA
El Show de Andy Griffith Spain
El Show de Andy Griffith Venezuela
T.A.G.S. (informal short title)  
Шоу Энди Гриффита Soviet Union
メイベリー110番 Japan

Children's Cast:

Ron Howard [6] Opie Taylor (TV Episode: Mayberry R.F.D.) (1960)
Billy Booth [15] Roger (TV Episode: The Family Visit) (1964)
Rory Stevens [7] Jimmy, Opie's schoolfriend (TV Episode: Andy and Opie, Housekeepers) (1961)
Pamelyn Ferdin [6] Corlis (TV Episode: The Bazaar) (1965)
Richard Keith [12] Johnny Paul Jason / Johnny Paul / Carter French (TV Episode: Barney's Physical) (1962)
Kevin Tate [13] George (TV Episode: Opie's First Love) (1967)
Flip Mark [14] Leader of the Wildcats (TV Episode: The Keeper of the Flame) (1962)
Buddy Foster [11] Mike Jones (TV Episode: Opie and Mike) (1968)
Donald Losby [9] Steve (TV Episode: Runaway Kid) (1960)
Clint Howard [3] Leon / Boy at Church Social (TV Episode: The Jinx) (1962)
Michel Petit Tommy (TV Episode: A Man's Best Friend) (1965)
Dennis Holmes [10] Tommy (TV Episode: Runaway Kid) (1960)
Dennis Rush [11] Howie Pruitt / Howie Williams (TV Episode: Opie's Newspaper) (1963)
Ronnie Dapo [11] Arnold Winkler / Pete (TV Episode: Opie and the Spoiled Kid) (1963)
David Alan Bailey [12] Trey Bowden / Fred Simpson (TV Episode: Andy and Opie's Pal) (1964)
Johnny Bangert [11] Billy Crenshaw (TV Episode: Opie's Job) (1965)
Scott Edmund Lane [16] Tommy Parker (TV Episode: Big Brother) (1967)
Leslie Barringer [13] Boy (TV Episode: A Black Day for Mayberry) (1963)
Kelly Flynn [14] Billy Muggins (TV Episode: Christmas Story) (1960)
Morgan Brittany [16] Mary Alice Carter (TV Episode: Opie's First Love) (1967)
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